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The Little Stories

This page is all about little ones. As a pediatrician, I love kids. They help us remember lessons that we knew years ago but have long since forgotten. They remind us to be honest, to stop worrying and to live every day with unbridled joy. They remind us of what innocence looks like.

Here I’ll mix information with stories, so get ready for a little of both. I’ll start with giving you links to some of the latest pediatric information and articles coming out. Later, we will get to stories from old parenting classes I’ve taught, as well as investigating how situations we encounter with our kids are a picture of encounters we still have in the adult world today. I’m just getting started, so be patient. But for now, get your car seats strapped in and let’s get going!


10/25/21 It’s Fall!! Who doesn’t love the crisp cool weather and getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving? From scavenger hunts to fall crafts, and pumpkin patches to costume ideas, here’s 50 great ideas of fall things to do with the kids.

10/24/21 We all need to be responsible so start early as parents to begin to teach your child responsibility. “Responsible Kids Don’t Just Happen” by Susan Alexander Yates.

5/24/21 A heartwarming article written by a physician parent. It is their journey from wishing their child’s disability hadn’t happened, to acceptance, to celebrating and cherishing their child just the way she was. “Should genetic flaws be fixed? A Physician Parent’s Perspective”

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