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Writing Your Own Story

Uncommon Stories is about making people’s stories known – real people with real lives, who are willing to share the truths they have learned along the way. I’d love to help you do that too. On this page, I’ll list some of the on-line conferences from the Writing School here in Northwest Arkansas. When you finish your Uncommon Story, I’d love to read it! My Contact Info is on the Author Page. Perhaps in the future, we can find a way to put some of them on the site for others to read. Using a common ending from Alison Brown at the writing school, “Finding our stories…….and ourselves.”


Memoir Success Online Summit

This event features bestselling authors and others who will provide practical (and inspiring) advice on why the world needs your story, and how you can best write and share it.
Price: $45
Format: 7 videos with more than 4 hours of content. For more information or to sign up, go to –

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